Phillips & Sons' operates on an honest and fair billing policy.  This policy is simple: Honest and quality work for an honest and fair price.  Phillips & Sons does NOT subscribe to the industry standard "flat rate" pricing nor do we offer percentage discounts on services rendered.  All billing is invoiced out based on actual time and material used for the job.  Currently our rate is $80/hour for both electrical and HVAC service.  We promise to provide quality work and only bill you for time spent on your specific job.

Free estimates for bid pricing are available for new installations, replacement equipment, and new construction jobs.  Please fill out & submit our contact form to setup your free estimate today!




Phillips & Sons accepts payment in the forms of cash, check, or credit card.  If paying by credit card, please note, an additional 3% charge may apply.

All customer payment terms are Net 10/Add 3% Credit Cards unless otherwise stated.  All payments are due and must be received within 10 days of the invoice date.  All invoices that are not paid within 10 days are considered "Past Due."  All invoices that are not paid within 90 days of the invoice date are considered "Delinquent" and will be turned over to TekCollect, our company's debt collection service provider.  Failure to pay for services rendered may result in a delay of future service until account balance is settled.

Phillips & Sons does not negotiate with insurance companies or home warranty providers.  Phillips & Sons looks to the customer for payment.  Reimbursement for service charges should be negotiated between the customer and insurance/home warranty provider.  Phillips & Sons is happy to provide the customer a receipt upon request, should that document be needed in order to complete a claim.



If you have questions about your invoices, account statement, or would like to pay your bill over the phone, please contact Mackenzie Phillips:

Office: 502-695-5115

Online Contact Form


**While Phillips & Sons does accept payment by Credit Card, an additional 3% charge may apply.**

If we have made a mistake, we will work hard to resolve the billing issue in a timely manner. 
Cancelled checks or a receipt may be required to clean up account balances in our software.